Current Projects

  • Timbo’s “Hacker News” Reader (thnr.net) is an alternative interface to Y Combinator’s popular news aggregation platform that features improvements and conveniences over the original website. Read thnr.net’s About page or my blog post about it.
  • Hayfevr.ly displays daily pollen readings scraped from local news stations and allergy clinics. Learn more at my blog post.
  • Mixed Blessings Dictionary is my book-length lexicography project documenting more than a thousand religious portmanteau words such as bapticostal, bujew, buddhapalian, conservadox, episcolutheran, episcopagan, fundagelical, jewnitarian, methobapterian, metheran, pentevangelical, prescopalian, quanglican, and sushi. I have written definitions for these and almost a thousand more portmanteau words based on how they have been actually used in books, newspapers, radio, blogs, TV shows, and movies. To go even deeper into the terms’ nuanced meanings and history, I’ve conducted interviews with people from all over the country who use (or have used) these words to describe themselves and their religious beliefs and communities.

School Projects

My two favorite projects for my CS degree were a vehicle-routing problem and a machine-learning project. I put the final papers (featuring extensive discussion of the algorithms used plus screenshots of the applications in action) and source code for these projects on GitHub.